Speech, a psalm.

Who is like the LORD, our God?

Without tongue, he speaks;

having no mouth, he pronounces judgment.

The idols of the nations are mute;

silent, they neither profit nor deliver. Selah.

The beasts of the field make sound,

a joyful noise to the LORD.

To man you have given speech,

but with their tongue they revile you, O God.

You have given him the breath of life;

insolent, he mutters against his Creator.


Oh, that my way may be pure before you

O God, my God.

Strike me not in your anger,

and forsake me not in your wrath.

Speak, O Lord, and your servant shall be well;

let me hear you that I may live;

let me see you, lest I faint.


Drink, O drink deeply of the Lord,

O you his saints.

With him is everlasting joy –

in him you shall be satisfied. Selah.



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